These are diary & photography highlights from our trip to Italy in March of 2018. Read more entries about our 7 day trip to Italy or plan your own trip with our detailed planning guide.

Midnight at the Spanish Steps

We arrived late in the evening to start our Italian adventure. On a jet lag fueled evening, we managed to see Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. We enjoyed them in wee hours of the morning in somber quietude; the experience was quite ethereal like an outdoor cathedral.

Inside the Roman Colosseum

Movies may have ruined me. Russell Crowe has spoiled me. I always imagined it to be larger but even still watching the sun cast long shadows around the arena we were still awestruck.

Missed Opportunity at the Spiral Staircase

It had been a long day, by the time we were finishing up at the Vatican Museums our tired legs were begging for a break. Carried away by the flow of a group of tourists I missed my opportunity to snap a photo I had seen while planning the trip. This was the less than perfect angle version that I was able to achieve.


Circling from the Roman Forum, we passed by the capitol buildings. Getting to the center of this grassy knoll was tricky as we quickly learned that the only rule for drivers in Italy is that there are no rules!

#GreatWeather at Piazza Navona

We could not have asked for a better day in Rome. In fact, the entire trip was blessed with good weather, and the drifting clouds provided beautiful accents to the classic architecture.

Above the Roman Forum

We were slightly unsure of what to expect at Palatine Hill. We entered from a lesser used access point and were quite surprised to turn a corner and see this vista of the Roman Forum. The morning in Rome was full of these pleasant surprises around each corner.

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