8 Countries in 17 Days!?

  1. Denmark ✔️
  2. The Czech Republic ✔️
  3. Austria ✔️
  4. Slovenia ✔️
  5. Italy ✔️
  6. Switzerland ✔️
  7. Germany ✔️
  8. Sweden ✔️

We are currently drafting our notes and journal entries from this trip. Check back often as we keep adding to it. 

Are you planning a trip to any of these countries? This was our foreign trip and also the largest because of scale.

Below is a timeline of the trip we took along with all the tips and planning helps that we gathered to put it all together. We like to travel on a budget and avoid crowds. We also move travel fast but in the end, we had a blast.

Enjoy the tips and plan your own journey off the beaten path.

Arrival In Copenhagen

September 8, 2016
Arrival In Copenhagen

We began our trip by commuting to LAX and then flying directly to Copenhagen on Norwegian Airlines. We purchased Portillos Sandwiches to bring on the flight with us and we made everybody jealous of our snack.