These are diary & photography highlights from our trip to Italy in March of 2018. Read more entries about our 7 day trip to Italy or plan your own trip with our detailed planning guide.

Waking Up Slowly

The drive to our agriturismo bed and breakfast the day before was harrowing which we soon realized was the norm for driving in and around the Amalfi coast. Seeing that the weather was not planning to cooperate, we took our time waking up at B&B Orrido di Pino. The original plan was to head out early and go hiking directly from the hotel which has immediate access to the Path of the Gods, but unfortunately at that time would have meant walking in these clouds.

Leaving Orrido di Pino

Leaving Orrido di Pino was bittersweet we had initially planned to stay two days but ended up adjusting our travel plans a month to before to better accommodate seeing Florence. It was a lovely location and while the food was not the best nor the worst we have ever eaten it would have been a good jumping off point for some cliffside hiking. The staff were impossibly sweet, and we would greatly recommend staying with them.

Arriving in the Town of Amalfi

After breakfast, we headed out from Orrido di Pino. With the weather not cooperating with our hiking plans, we devised a new plan to see the town of Amalfi in the morning since we were hindered from seeing it the day before due to an unexpected road closure. We were helped by some friendly locals who explained a “token system” of paying for public parking on the jetty.

Wandering Amalfi

Amalfi was a delightful little town. While walking around, we tried to appear in the background as extras as Top Chef was shooting promotional footage. We learned the secret to making limoncello and vowed to figure out how to do when at home. We went to a deli for a fraction of buying lunch at a restaurant and enjoyed fresh salami and cheeses for lunch as we wandered around the back streets of Amalfi, as locals looked at us funny like we didn’t belong in their alleyways.

Fountain of Youth

The freshwater in Amalfi was delicious, and throughout the town, we saw several of these “drinking” fountains. I grew up drinking from a Lake Michigan freshwater spring near our cabin but this I believe tasted even better and as you can tell from the picture this old man has been doing it for a while. Perhaps the fountain of youth is here in Amalfi???

Free ‘Underwater’ Parking

This was one of the free parking locations that I had read about in our preparations. The weather was a bit blustery, but I do not believe I would have chosen to park here. To our left off camera there were several cars tucked as far away from the water as they could get, but still…

A Room With A View

After hanging out in Amalfi all day we decided to see if we could check in at Hotel Pellegrino a little early. Google gave us slightly off directions, but once finding the actual location we were warmly welcomed into Luigi’s family and given this room with a view and quickly realized that we were going to enjoy the most luxurious nights of our stay.

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