Fukuoka, Japan

Our experience with Fukuoka was one of the first we experienced in Japan as a cosmopolitan city.

It was very clean, efficient to navigate, but the only thing that we were missing that was what we were mainly there for was the cherry blossoms.

But in lew of that, the nightly street food scene is not to be missed as a local cultural experience!

Our Experience of Fukuoka

We got around on foot and had a fairly decent walking itinerary planned around where cherry blossoms should have been in bloom, a couple of temples, a castle, and a building with terraced gardens that sounded interesting. That said, without cherry blossoms, there was nothing structurally spectacular about Fukuoka. As usual, we picked up a couple of random Japanese craft beers from the 7/11 or Family Mart and headed for a park in time for sunset.

Street Dining Food Stalls in Canal City Fukuoka

If it works out to be there for an evening, the Canal city street dining was a uniquely Japanese experience! I was overwhelmed at picking the “one of the best” food stalls, but with each only having about 10 seats and slightly varying menus, just go where ever you can get in! The ones that had English menus were helpful to us. I found a website that lists which stalls take credit card, have English menus etc, but matching up the pictures on a website to the actual stall on a crowded dark street immediately became impractical. Japan taught us many times over to go with the flow!

Our Accommodations at the Dormy Inn Hakata

We stayed at Dormy Inn Hakata which was a good launching off point for seeing the city, they have spa facilities (that we were too tired to use), plus you get a free bowl of nighttime ramen!

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