Ferry to Miyajima

After a brief morning in Hiroshima, we took a JR Train to the JR run Ferry to Miyajima. We’ve included some links and details for planning transit on a one-day schedule at the end of the post.

We took a small hike around the back way to reach the pagoda, found a small clearing to pop the drone up for some shots. We got to enjoy the wildlife and the scenery with really no other people around till we made it down to the main attractions/temples of the island. Sadly the ropeway to the top of Mt. Misen was closed that day due to high winds. But even without that, we still had a lovely afternoon and didn’t even feel like we missed anything.

We had the good camera set up on the Joby stand on a self-timer (pro-tip: If you don’t have a remote shutter button you can use the HDR mode with consecutive shooting to give you a chance to change poses between shots) this last shot I had started running back towards my purse and the camera because some curious deer were making a beeline to our stuff and I’ve read they’ll try to eat whatever they can get a hold of!

I was pleasantly surprised by the scenic qualities of Miyajima with the serene stone lanterns and how things seemed to effortlessly line up into beautiful shots.

Miyajima Deer!

Finishing the Day Strong

Back to Hiroshima station where we had our luggage stored in lockers and made sure to stock up on train beers/Chu-hi drinks for our 3-hour train ride!

Pro-tip: Keep your beers cold against the cold stone wall while waiting for your train. If it’s hot sorry, just start drinking right away 😉

Transit Guide from Hiroshima Station to Miyajima Island

The JR San-yo Line runs every 15 minutes and the Miyajimaguchi Station is a 5 minute walk to Ferry Terminal.

4.22.2019 Miyajimaguchi Ferry Terminal Regular Time table
Ferry Timetable Updated 4.22.2018

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