An Afternoon in Miyajima

We took a small hike around the back way to reach the pagoda, found a small clearing to pop the drone up for some shots and enjoy nature and the scenery with really no other people around till we made it down to main attraction/temples of the island.

The Best Way To Hike The Fushimi Inari Shrine and See The Tori Gates

3hr Thru-Hike Tofukuji Station to Inari Station In researching our trip to Japan, everything about the Tori Gates indicated that you should visit them via the Inari Station. We found one reference to an off the beaten path approach and spent time plotting a thru-hike via google maps and All Trails. We didn’t know what …

Pistachio Cream Dream Liquor

We came across this drink while visiting the Amalfi Coast. Once we learned the secrets of making limoncello in Amalfi, we decided we would have to try to recreate this drink.  We are currently in the secondary aging step so where is hoping for the best at the end of September. Recipe