Congratulations Abigayle Morgan!

Graduation season is upon us, and it brought us to the heartland of America. Central Kansas. For the 3rd time in 4 years, we’ve journeyed to visit with Greg’s sister while she studied in McPherson, Kansas. While the location is not somewhere we would choose for ourselves, it has always been nice to see family. This time, however, should mark the last time as we celebrate and congratulate Abigayle Morgan on completing her B.S. education in Antique Auto Restoration. Her journey has included several internships on the west coast, and we have jumped at the chance to visit her and our parents and attempt to brush shoulders with the likes of George Lucas and Jay Leno at some of the prestigious car industry events we were able to attend with her. We look forward to seeing where her journey takes her as she finally enters into the real world!

What’s Up with Southwest?

Most of our domestic travel is on Southwest Airlines, a company that usually provides a suitable overall experience. However, it seems to be lacking lately with quick one time pass thru of one “premium” snack (100 Cal Lorna Doones and 150 Cal mini peanut butter cracker packs) and the Southwest pretzel packs, pretty much forced upon you. I thought it was because our first flight was particularly turbulent into a storm system in KC that the service was abbreviated. However, it was the same on the smooth trip home. Instead of being available and providing some options, the stewards made you feel like you were inconveniencing them for something above and beyond the bare minimum — not a terrible substantial change to the usual limited Southwest amenities, but still noticeable.

Kansas City

We arrived at the extremely small airport and were picked up by family on a rainy day. Pick up traffic was a bit heavy as somebody decided to park their car in the center lane of the driving-thru-loop and argue with a police officer that they were simply looking for a family member. We chalked this odd stopped car scenario as small-town charm… The scene that played out would’ve never happened in a larger city airport. As mentioned there was notable turbulence that delayed our ability to safely land for about an hour. and obviously, we and our family who had been waiting to pick us up were quite hungry!

Jack Stack BBQ

I do love being back in the Midwest, stepping back, and taking my expectations down a notch. We ate at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Kansas City BBQ restaurant which has several locations around the KC area. It was the more “upscale” recommendation from our local family member and it did not disappoint. There was a short wait time mid-afternoon on a Saturday, and it definitely decent service, even if the waitress did unintentionally keep stepping on my father-in-law’s foot!

We had 2 different platters that we split between the 4 of us which was more than enough food with 3 varieties of sauce. I can appreciate each regional varietal of BBQ sauce, but I can’t comprehend why in this area it seems that plain white bread is the accompanying carb of choice? I just don’t understand, garlic bread or Texas toast would be such an upgrade!

While I would never recommend Kansas as a “must-visit” place to visit unless you’re going for the people you love. And then you go to them wherever they’ve found themselves making roots. We had unusually cold and exceptionally wet weather but luckily the graduation day was clear and all is well that ends well!

Happy travels, wherever life may take you, enjoy the journey!

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