Aging our 190 Proof Alcohol in a Jar with pistachios

We came across this drink while visiting the Amalfi Coast. Once we learned the secrets of making limoncello in Amalfi, we decided we would have to try to recreate this drink.  We are currently in the secondary aging step so where is hoping for the best at the end of September.


Pistachio Cream Liquor

Based on our at home recipe.

Course: Drinks
  • 16 floz 190 Proof Ethyl Alcohol
  • 20 oz Pistachios Shelled, Unsalted, Raw
Secondary Aging
  • 16 floz Non Dairy Unflavored Creamer
  • 7.5 floz Simple Syrup 1:1 Sugar to Water Ratio
  • 7.5 floz water
  1. Shell pistachios if you haven’t done so yet

  2. Place shelled pistachios in Quart Size mason jar

  3. Fill with 190 Proof Ethyl Alcohol

  4. Seal for 30-40 days

Secondary Aging
  1. Move pistachios and 190 proof Ethyl Alcohol to a larger container

  2. Add Creamer to dilute mixture by 50% – 1:1 Creamer to Alcohol

  3. Seal for 15 – 30 days

  1. Add Simple syrup and water to taste

  2. Bottle & Serve

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