These are diary & photography highlights from our trip to Italy in March of 2018. Read more entries about our 7 day trip to Italy or plan your own trip with our detailed planning guide.

Parrocchia Di San Gennaro

Luigi warmed us up with some cappuccinos, the most delicious lemon cake we have ever had, and convinced us to walk around Praiano that evening instead of heading to the larger town of Positano. We enjoyed the evening in Praiano and marveled at the beauty of this seaside church. While not the grandest church we have ever encountered it was perhaps one of the most colorful!

Amazing Sunset Outside the Church

As evening set in Praiano, I caught this photo of Chelsea almost by chance while she was marveling at the church from a different perspective. Once a year, the church holds a candlelight vigil, and they map out all of the mosaic tiles in the courtyard with candles.  The pictures advertising that event made us wish we could be there for it!

Breakfast at Hotel Pellegrino

We woke up at Hotel Pellegrino, and Luigi treated us to a wonderful breakfast with fresh fruit, donuts, breads, and the nectar of the gods to fuel us for our hike on the Path of the Gods.

First Non-Urban Hike

Finally, hiking. We enjoyed the city life of Rome, Florence, Naples, Amalfi, and Praiano but now it was time to enjoy the outdoors, and this was by far one the most visually stunning hikes we have ever done.

Precarious routes on the Path of the Gods

At several points, there was only this pleasant addition of a frail old fence made up of lemon tree branches to protect you from the sheer cliffs as you walk on the edge of the world.

At times on the ‘Path of the Gods’, you are walking right on the edge of a cliff face. The sheer drop-offs invoked the occasional feelings of vertigo.

A Dog’s Life

This is Lucy. She passed us as we’re making our way up the 1000+ stairs from the town of Praiano onto the main ‘Path of the Gods.’ She hung out with us to get petted while her master made his way up carefully praying a rosary with each step. He explained that he makes the hike up to the church at the top of the stairs daily to open it for visitors and serve refreshments to travelers.

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