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We’ve been visiting Belching Beaver ever since we moved out to California. When they opened the restaurant in Downtown Vista, we were ecstatic. Not only is the food fantastic, but they have an astounding number of taps of just their beers! We often forgot how extensive their beer menu is until we walk in. We love their outdoor patio, but by all means, please order your beer at the main bar!


  • Extensive Tap List
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Happy Hour

Notes from our boozy travels to Belching Beaver Brewery, Vista Ca


I love it when my day ends with me in the downtown Vista vicinity. Since it was only 5 pm and the 78 looked nightmarish, I wanted to see what happy hour offerings I could find. Sadly I don’t think that my long-standing favorite brewery, Mother Earth has happy hour pricing, but I had a hunch that Belching Beaver did.

I was in an IPA mood and tried the Beaver Bus but wasn’t in love with it and asked for a second trial sip of Ride the Pine. I liked it more than the first and decided to get it rather than try a 3rd and feel like I was mooching too much free beer off the bartender. Despite the super rough sounding description, I found the beer to be very smooth and not overly bitter at all.

Round 2 was looking for something a little lighter, tried the Sin Communication (Mexican lager, 4.8%) and then remembered the Gose on the menu and couldn’t resist. Tijuana Sunshine Gose with passion fruit, lime, and pink salt 5.5%.

The food has always been great at the tavern, but I did not partake today for the sake of the hoping to find my summer body before summer comes and goes…..

Enjoyable Libations

NameProduced ByABVStyleOur Rating
Here Comes MangoBelching Beaver Brewery6.6%82 out of 100
Tasting Notes: For some reason I just really enjoy this IPA. While I prefer heavy malted IPA's, this fruity mango is light and refreshing. ~ GE
Peanut Butter Milk StoutBelching Beaver Brewery5.3%Stout82 out of 100
Tasting Notes: The first time I had this was in a Ice Cream Float and have since come to love and appreciate it. It is a very easy to drink stout and good introduction to the myriad of flavors and tones that can be introduced into the standard stout flavor. ~ GE
Ride the PineBelching Beaver Brewery7.4%81 out of 100
Tasting Notes: Pine, Pine, and more Pine. Clear and aromatic with a firm bitter finish
Beaver BusBelching Beaver Brewery7%78 out of 100
Tasting Notes: super dank and piney with hints of mango and citrus
Me So Honey BlondeBelching Beaver Brewery5.5%Honey Wheat Ale76 out of 100
Tasting Notes: An easy sipper that pairs well with any meal.
Hop HighwayBelching Beaver Brewery7.3%Not Scored

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