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I remember my Instagram filled with Ads promoting the opening what seems to me quite a while ago but according to my friendly and polite bartender they just opened up this past January 2018. It’s a quaint cool brewpub feel with the ambiance and menu offerings you’d expect from a Whisk’n’ladle enterprise

Notes from our boozy travels to Gravity Heights Brewing


I try to make the most of being in an area of San Diego that I don’t find myself usually in and today after a work thing I was in Sorento Valley at Gravity Heights. With 9 of their own beers to try and a hand full of guest taps, including one I was super excited to see in SoCal… Funkwerks!

Although I was underwhelmed by their imperial IPA and their hazy IPAs, the Vienna lager was delightful enough to have a second!

If I had been there with friends I might have been less of a harsh critic than being there on my own analyzing each “just a sip” of each beer I could flirt out of the bartenders.

On that note, I think complimentary “sips” of several beers before you purchase are absolutely necessary. It’s like finding what flavor of ice cream appeals to your mood of the day and needing a few samples to see the local establishments take on the name of a flavor.

Also notes on the food, I had the appetizer chips and cheese sauce..   which was a take on walking nachos with cheese Doritos. Never have I ever complained about having Doritos, and I certainly won’t start today!

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