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One of our favorite local breweries to visit is Wild Barrel in San Marcos. It’s a super convenient location mere seconds off Woodland Pkwy and the 78. Probably one of the main reasons they would fall into the “favorite” category is because they appeal to our favorite genres of beer: IPAs that both of us love, Stouts (Hipster line) for Greg, and Sours (Vice line) for Chelsea. Another perk that non-six-figure-salary us folk like is that their sampler prices aren’t jacked up! Enjoy four different 4oz tastes for right the same price as a pint… Penalty-free!

Notes from our boozy travels to Wild Barrel Brewing


Today I sampled the Prince of Dankness IPA, Hazy Cycle IPA, Vice Cactus Passion Fruit, and Vice Papaya Mulberry. The one I found most unique and recommendable is Vice Cactus passion fruit. The cactus flavor and nose is there and something different and unusual that I found refreshing. I couldn’t pull out the specific flavors of papaya or Mulberry in the other Vice, but it was a delightful flavor profile nonetheless. The IPAs were both excellent, Prince of Dankness definitely won out in flavor in my book though.

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