We were out and about one Saturday afternoon in Del Mar and decided to hit up a few new breweries on our way home. We were surprised to find that the old AleSmith Building had a new inhabitant and we decided to check it out.


Slightly Disapointed $$$$$

Back in the day, this used to be the AleSmith small facility.  Since AleSmith moved to their larger facility, Mikkeller has stepped to replace its tasting room atmosphere. Standing room only barrels have been replaced with moderate seating and the general feel was that the quality of beer would be high. Yet however, it feels like it over promised and under delivered on taste and experience. Pricing on the flights makes for an expensive visit.


  • Friendly Staff
  • Interesting Decor


  • Expensive Tasters (price per oz)
  • No A.C.
  • Oversold and Underdelievered On Flavor

Our Photos

Our Sips

NameProduced ByABVStyleOur Rating
Supah Sik SpellsMikkeller BrewingUnknownNot Scored
Tasting Notes: Generally a good palate cleanser
Misty ElliotMikkeller BrewingUnknownNot Scored
Tasting Notes: Front heavy, but unstained flavor for a sipper
Resting Brew FaceMikkeller BrewingUnknownNot Scored
Tasting Notes: Decent hazy drink
Better Than YoursMikkeller BrewingUnknownNot Scored
Tasting Notes: base beer was RBF but couldn’t taste any difference or advertised flavors of chocolate and Lactose
Windy HillMikkeller BrewingUnknownNot Scored
Interview with the CordialMikkeller BrewingUnknownNot Scored
Passion PoolMikkeller BrewingUnknownNot Scored
Tasting Notes: Chelsea likes Sours… Chelsea enjoyed this.
Down with PPe (Cask)Mikkeller BrewingUnknownNot Scored
Tasting Notes: While warm for cask is to be expected… flavor is too, and it disappointed.

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